Technological and social innovation with Versett

Versett is an award-winning technological innovation and design firm with offices in New York, Edmonton, and Calgary, working with companies both big (such as Shaw Media and Virgin Mobile) and small (Momentum and Startup Calgary). In 2014, Versett was named one of Alberta Venture Magazine’s 25 Most Innovative Organizations.

At Versett, they believe their employees are their greatest asset. This philosophy has allowed them to build a culture where people feel supported, encouraged, and empowered to bring their whole selves to the office. It’s a place where exceeding expectations is the norm and their employees take great pride in their work. They have seen that if they go above and beyond for their people, in return their people go above and beyond for Versett and for their clients.

Every quarter, Versett provides employees with a gift of $150, which they can allocate to whatever charity, community program, or person in need they so choose. Versett wants its employees to feel like equal participants in the company’s charitable contributions.

At Versett, paying a living wage is not only socially responsible; it is also good business. They believe, “The health and happiness of our people are of utmost importance to the growth and success of our company.”

At Vibrant Communities Calgary, we often say that paying a living wage is a poverty reduction strategy. A company who invests in its employees and pays a Living Wage can prevent their staff from falling into poverty. We call this an upstream action, and it can go a long way.

Vibrant Communities Calgary was first introduced to Versett when they applied for REAP’s Empowering Employees Leader Award. REAP stands for Respect for the Earth and All People. REAP is a not-for-profit association for locally owned businesses that care about the community and the environment.

REAP’s Annual Be Local Awards program is delivered in partnership with First Calgary Financial and recognizes excellence in our local economy by sharing the stories of the incredible work many companies and organizations are doing to support people and planet. Each year six leadership awards are presented.

The Empowering Employees Leader Award is presented by Vibrant Communities Calgary to a REAP member that is affecting meaningful and sustainable progress towards reducing poverty through employee-centered practices that build resilience. These may include but are not limited to paying a living wage, providing additional forms of compensation, financial literacy and employee wellness programs.

The decision to select an award recipient was no easy task and although Versett was not the award-winning recipient in 2018, they are making a difference in our community.

Here’s an inside look into Versett’s application for the Empowering Employees Leader Award where they answered the following questions:

  • Why does paying a Living Wage matter to your business/organization?
  • What other HR practices do you have in place that represent an investment in your employees?
  • How does your business empower employees?
  • Describe a new initiative adopted within the last 12 months that reflects your commitment to an investment in your employees

Click here to see Versett’s full application and visit their website


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