Open Letter to Councillor Brian Pincott

In response to the announcement made by Councillor Brian Pincott that he will not be running in the 2017 municipal election, here is an Open Letter to Councillor Pincott From Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC)

Dear Mr. Brian Pincott:

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all of us at Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC), we would like to thank you for your effort, professionalism, and dedication to create a community that is stronger, more sustainable and more inclusive since you took office on Calgary’s city council.

We applaud your commitment to all Calgarians and especially to those living in poverty. Every Calgarian has benefitted from your support for poverty-reduction initiatives. Thank you for championing inclusive social policies like the low income monthly transit pass and sliding scale fee structure; affordable housing; living wage; early learning and childcare, as well as your contribution to FCSS (Family and Community Support Services).

We also appreciate the way you have helped shape Calgary’s growth by reducing urban sprawl and by making communities more accessible and affordable places to live. You have also represented Calgary well at the provincial and federal levels bringing alignment and cohesiveness to the work of government.

We appreciate your help in raising awareness about poverty during the Enough for All Public Awareness campaign and your support for the work that is underway to bring about reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

We wish you much happiness and great success in all your future endeavours and hope that you remain connected with us at VCC.

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