October is End Poverty Month

Mayor Naheed Nenshi and City Council has proclaimed October to be “End Poverty Month”.


End Poverty Month was initiated to raise awareness for the serious social issue of poverty and to serve as a platform for Calgarians to participate in poverty reduction efforts in the community. It is centered around the United Nation’s International Day for the Eradication of Poverty held annually on October 17.

Whereas: In 2013, Calgary adopted Enough for All, our city’s 10-year poverty reduction strategy;

Whereas: The are many factors that contribute to poverty which can lead to social isolation, poor physical and mental health, homelessness, negative early childhood development and a lack of dignity, opportunity and choice;

Whereas: Several events are taking place throughout the month of October to build public awareness and highlight Calgary’s work around reducing poverty in our communities.

On behalf of City Council and the citizens of Calgary, I hereby proclaim the month of October 2019 as:

“End Poverty Month”

Click the following link to download a copy of the Proclamation: End Poverty Month 2019.





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