Elders Teachings

As the Elder’s Teachings Project moves into July, the tipi of knowledge it builds continues to grow. We were fortunate to have Tsuu T’ina Elder Dolly Runner come and speak with a group of children at the Forest Lawn Public Library, as part of their School’s Out for Summer Program. Dolly shared her message of love and respect and brought pictures of her life, from her days in the Rodeo to her grandparents in their youth. I asked Brodie and Leeann Gomez to share their thoughts on Dolly’s teachings.

“I liked this event because it teaches the First Nation history from a primary source. I liked how she lived a different way of living than us. She even showed us pictures.” – Brodie

“At the Elder’s Teachings I learned that you should think about others before you think about yourself. I also learned that a Pow Wow is a place where First Nations and anyone come together and they have a feast, a prayer and then they have a special dance. I liked how we got to see old photos of the Elder back then. I liked it because I’ve never seen a black and white picture” – Leeann

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