Breaking the cycle of poverty – a poem by Anne Cartledge

The word of the year…
For the people working to solve
The unsolvable plague of the eons
But there are those who live it daily…

Daily the child goes to school hungry
Daily Mom and/or Dad give up
Not only the food needed but also
The hope of the dreams we show them.

The creation of millenniums, not
Always thought as a universal concern.
Why do we point “it’s their fault”
Or why do we just hand out supplies

There is no one fix or solution
And in no way can we fix it quickly.
But for the sake of those that suffer
We must come and work together.

Each minute, hour, or day
Means someone is hurting
But so afraid to reach out
For poverty is a “Scarlet Letter”

All citizens of city, town, village or earth
Can be part of the solution
It is not an “agency job”
It is ours as part of Humanity!

(c) Anne Cartledge (Please do not reproduce without the Author’s written permission.)

Anne Cartledge is the Founder of the “Closing the Seniors’ Gap: AISH to Pension”. She has spoken with many municipal, provincial, and federal departments with regards to this issue. Anne is a passionate advocate of affordable housing, has attended conferences on poverty and the One Window Project, providing feedback of value. Her style of poetry is called freestyle and she has discovered this talent in the last couple of years.

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