About Us

Vibrant Communities Calgary (VCC) was incorporated on April 15, 2005. VCC works to achieve a substantial and sustained reduction in the number of Calgarians living in poverty.

VCC works to grow the social, economic and political engagement of Calgarians in their community, and believe that everyone has a right to fully participate in their communities.

There are important systemic factors that contribute to poverty, and VCC believes that the whole community has a vital role to play in changing these conditions. Change occurs through engagement, inspiration and action.

VCC values leadership, collaboration, social justice and pragmatism

As of January 1, 2015 VCC became the stewards of Calgary’s community-driven poverty reduction strategy: Enough for All.


We’re always looking to connect with new organizations and passionate individuals who

share our goal of reducing poverty in Calgary. If you’re interested in helping this cause,

we’d love to chat!

Our Team


Calgary is one of 50+ Cities Reducing Poverty in Canada. Vibrant Communities Canada is the convenor of this remarkable initiative, with the mission to create a connected learning community of 100 Canadian cities with multi-sector roundtables addressing poverty reduction. Vibrant Communities Calgary is proud to be a member of this vast, national community. find out more about Vibrant Communities Canada and the Cities Reducing Poverty movement at vibrantcommunities.ca.


Meaghon Reid

Executive Director

Lee Stevens

Policy & Research Specialist

Hagir Sail

Community Facilitation & Engagement Specialist

Jaclyn Silbernagel

Knowledge Exchange Specialist

Buddie Dixon

Indigenous Engagement Facilitator

Ameera Shivji

Marketing & Communications Specialist

Holly DeSimone

Social Media Coordinator


Patti Dolan (Chair)
Cori Ghitter
Evelyn Good Striker
Al-Karim Khimji
Sam Hayes
Jeff Loomis
Col Cseke
Karen Whiteman
James Zachary
Adam Legge
Donilba Salazar


Vibrant Communities Calgary’s work is made possible by: 

…and all of you!